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Welcome to Changyue Mould  
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  Blowing Mould
  Auto/Motorcycle Parts Mould
  Motorcycle Parts Mould
  Home Appliance Mould
  Household Mould
  Flower Pot Mould
  Chair Mould/table Mould
  Tableware Mould
  PET Preform/Cap Mould
  Pipe Fitting Mould




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Changyue is your full-service partner of small to large products utilizing up-front engineering support, superior customer services, and state of the art process control techniques.Whole solution from product design, mold design, mold making, rapid prototype, precise injection molding to secondary processing; from idea to product, Changyue Mould is a good answer in china.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide the most services and products that meet or exceed our customer needs and expectation, in terms of high quality, consistent reliability, on time delivery and reasonable price.

Our Capabilities:
Engineering / Technical                        Mold Build
Mold Design                               Hot-runner Capability
Reverse Engineering                           Gas-assisted Capability
Project Management                            Double-coloredCapability


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